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security assessment

Find the Weaknesses in Your Defences Before They Can Be Exploited

Our security assessment services cover the full range of methods to discover system and software vulnerabilities.  You’ll have all the information you need prioritise and fix any weaknesses.

Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities before they result in security breaches and service interruptions. Costing you money and eroding the trust your customers have in you. Gain assurances that your defences will protect you when you need them most.

Vulnerability Scanning

Our advanced state of the art scanners thoroughly assesses your servers, systems, networks and applications for weaknesses, so that they can be prioritised and fixed before you experience a costly cyber attack.

Build Review

Discover how securely build your servers and systems really are. Find out if they have been configured and deployed not just for maximum security – and maximum performance – but also in accordance with your company build procedures and security practices.

Source Code Review

Uncover vulnerabilities that often go unnoticed on traditional application tests. We will carefully study your source code using dynamic and static analysis and identify security weaknesses as well as violations of best practices, security design issues and much more. 

Social Engineering

People are unfortunately often the weakest link in your security chain. Identify issues in the behaviour of your employees before they result in security breaches and service interruptions. Gain assurances that your staffs actions defend against cyber threats. Provide employees with the information and tips they need to identify attacks from hackers and protect company assets. Employees will learn how to avoid making social media mistakes that can give hackers the information they need to steal from you